Evolution of Retail:

The Brand Perception Effect

The Brand Perception Effect

How Strong Brand Values Inspire Consumer Trust and Loyalty

Brand perception. Loyalty. Trust. Values. 

In the crush of the retail industry’s most pressing daily concerns, these intangible concepts are sometimes given short shrift - instead of the attention they deserve.

Consumers live in an age of incredible choice. At no other time in history have people been able to find virtually anything they need or want, pinpoint the best deal with relative ease and speed, research the companies providing the products, and buy with confidence based on reviews and other readily available information.

Thus, retailers should spend more time - not less - understanding brand perception and how it fuels customer trust and loyalty.

Download the Research Report to Learn:

  • How younger generations increasingly prioritize the alignment of a brand’s values with their own.
  • Why consumers are willing to share more about themselves if it means an improved shopping experience - and if the brand is one they trust.
  • Which emerging technologies hold promise for retailers but are perceived very differently by Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and millennials.

"When brands earn the trust of their customers, in part via shared values as outlined above, those customers are much more willing to share personal data to further enhance their experience."

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