Marketing Masterclass: How Brands of Any Size Can Create Seamless Online and Offline Experiences

Shopify Euclid Webinar Replay

Euclid and Shopify Joint Webinar Replay

In today’s retail environment, consumer expectations are higher than ever. The difference between the brands that merely survive and those that thrive is a positive, consistent experience across channels. 

Whether you’re evaluating breaking into brick-and-mortar, have a planned pop-up or actively manage a chain of physical stores, the dynamic between online and offline will not only differentiate your brand but create lasting loyalty. Since offline retail is such a big investment, how do you perfect your brick-and-mortar experience to be your best billboard, highest performing channel and memorable product playground to fuel revenue?

Watch the replay of the webinar to learn:

  • Ways to take advantage of your online store to guide your brick-and-mortar experience
  • How to blend ecommerce and in-store technology to boost customer loyalty
  • Which store and ecommerce metrics to carefully track - and which ones to ignore

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