Location Data and Context: Why Retail Marketers Are Getting It Wrong Offline

Euclid and LiveRamp Joint Webinar Replay

The buying journey in today’s retail environment is increasingly blurred. According to Euclid's latest consumer report, 75% of millennials visit a store on a regular basis to see a product and then purchase it online later. 

So, how do retail marketers take one of the greatest signals of intent - a store visit - and use that to deliver timely, personalized experiences? They must go beyond a single channel and device to recognize the actual shopper.  By measuring an individual visit and activating that data across channels, marketers can better reach and inspire their customers in a privacy-safe way.

Watch the replay of the webinar to learn:

  • Which location data can be a key input of intent for cross-channel marketing
  • Why identity resolution is critical to personalizing experiences that influence conversion
  • How to re-think offline attribution beyond just an in-store purchase

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