Research Report:

Creating Digital Experiences in Restaurants and Coffee Chains

Creating Digital Experiences in Restaurants - Euclid Analytics

A must-have menu item? Digital experiences in the physical world.

With the prevalence of smartphones and the growing buying power of millennials and Gen Z consumers, restaurants can be doing more to engage visitors with digital experiences in the physical world.

To understand which digital experiences patrons would value at their preferred chains, Euclid commissioned a study.

Download the report to learn:

  • What digital experiences are most compelling for visitors to your physical locations
  • The ways each generation prefers to receive communication after a recent visit 
  • How restaurants can take advantage of technology they already have to engage visitors

"Women are slightly more motivated by perks than men. For example, 64% of the women said they’d log in [to wi-fi] to get access to an exclusive loyalty program; 57% of the men felt the same way"

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2016 Restaurant Research Report Infographic - Euclid Analytics