Consumer Research Report:

Creating Exceptional Fan Experiences in the Age of Netflix

Exceptional Fan Experiences

How Venues & Arenas Can Compete With the Convenience of Personalized At-Home Entertainment 

Venues and arenas - once entertainment mainstays - are competing head-to-head with Netflix and other accessible entertainment options for consumers’ free time. 

In order to appeal to digital-first Millennials and Generation Z fans (the most powerful generations in America), venues and arenas need to adapt or risk losing vital relevance and valuable revenue.

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  • How reducing friction around ticket sales, transportation, and concessions improves fan acquisition and retention. 
  • What types of promotions, exclusive offers, and performer interactions attract younger generations. 
  • Which digital integrations and app experiences Millennial and Generation Z fans want.
  • How data-driven outreach following events will increase fan satisfaction and drive loyalty. 

"If venues and arenas can solve the issue of long, annoying lines, make parking painless, and bake simplicity into the seat booking process, they will surely win back the loyalty of consumers who would otherwise gladly default to streaming the game on TV in the no-hassle environment of their homes."

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