In-store profiles
for targeted marketing

Euclid collects in-store profiles to create behavior-influenced messaging for targeting and conversion.

Insights for Retail Marketers

Retargeting Across

Understand the full customer
journey and re-market visitors
to drive additional purchases


Understand the effectiveness
of digital marketing campaigns
in driving in-store visits

Rich Customer

Collect visitor emails and link
to in-store behaviors to build
rich customer profiles

In-Store Shopper

Market more effectively by
personalizing offers based on
behavior and demographic

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How Euclid Works

Wi-Fi Login

Use existing Wi-Fi
infrastructure to create a
logged-in experience for
your stores.

Email Collection

Through a single login,
collect visitor emails
and enrich your customer
database with demographics.

In-Store Behavior

Illuminate customer identity
and behavior in-store,
regardless of purchase.

Marketing Attribution

Directly attribute digital
marketing campaigns
with in-store visits.

Sync Euclid Profiles to Enhance Targeting

Email Marketing

Create targeted segments based on in-
store behavior

Trigger automated campaigns from store

Personalize campaign content for better

Marketing Platforms

Drive repeat visits and increase life-time

Discover look alike audiences to acquire
new high value customers

Optimize campaign audience for greater
relevance and reduced cost

Marketing Clouds

Complete missing piece of customer
buying journey

Segment based on in-store behavior to
increase effectiveness

Acquire high-value customer emails
through in-store channel