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Holiday Shopping Insights 2018

Holiday Shopping Insights 2018

How Brick-and-Mortar Can Turn the Tables on Amazon

As the holidays swiftly approach, retailers are poised to execute strategies that were prepared months in advance. The pressure is on, particularly at a time when most retailers are coming out of a strong third quarter and consumers are ready and poised to spend as much or more than they did last year.

If you’re a physical retailer, the omnipresent question - What’s Amazon going to do this season? - looms over it all. But should it? 

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  • Which convenience-driving services will attract shoppers into stores this holiday season.
  • How brick-and-mortar retailers can beat Amazon when it comes to in-store experiences customers enjoy. 
  • Why store closures on the industry’s largest brick-and-mortar shopping days this season may be misguided. 
  • What Millennials value when choosing which retailers to engage with in-store and online.

"Physical retailers should play up their one massive advantage - a brick and mortar presence - to attract customers who want to see, touch, and interact with the merchandise themselves."

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