Evolution of Retail:

2017 Holiday Physical & Digital Retail Trends

Evolution of Retail - How Men and Women Use Technology While Shopping - Euclid Analytics

Fighting Crowds Is out, In-store Convenience Is In

It should come as no surprise that e-commerce continues to build momentum heading into this holiday season. However, this latest report also shows that the physical store still plays a key role in the holiday shopping journey. Retailers looking to win this upcoming season need to capitalize on convenience factors unique to stores and, perhaps more importantly, become channel-agnostic as the lines between physical and digital continue to blur.

Download the Evolution of Retail, 2017 Holiday Physical and Digital Retail Trends report to learn:

  • Which major shopping holiday has overtaken Black Friday as the most popular shopping day in the hearts of consumers (hint - it's all about digital)
  • Which demographic said store experience is the strongest driver for choosing between two different in-store retailers during the holidays
  • Why convenience isn't just about location, and which in-store experiences retailers can use to drive store traffic and ultimately customer satisfaction this holiday season

"It is no surprise retailers are battling for share of the consumer’s wallet year-round, but the holiday season amplifies this competition. Retailers need to know what draws customers to their physical locations to better guide their in-store store experience and marketing decisions."

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