Evolution of Retail:

The Store of the Past Meets the Shopper of the Future

Store of the Past Meets Shopper of the Future

Can Retailers Adapt to Modern Consumer Expectations?

In any industry, weathering change does not come easy - particularly for those companies that were built in and for another era. 

Retail is no exception. Physical retailers are rightly reconsidering the role of brick-and-mortar for the modern consumer, retooling their strategies, and shifting their business practices to more effectively compete in a world remade through e-commerce’s influence. Meanwhile, consumer expectations are changing - and the old ways of attracting, retaining, and engaging customers are evolving right alongside them. 

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  • What it will take for retailers to meet the high expectations of modern shoppers. 
  • Emerging technology trends that will reduce friction across channels.
  • Which blended multi-channel experiences attract the most consumers.
  • How much marketing is too much marketing. 

"The role of physical stores may change, depending on the preference of the customer demographic, but they are still an important part of the retail landscape."

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